Koch Should Stop His Whining

In the defender series, Bill Koch's groans about his San Diego reception were premature. While Dennis Conner still drew breath, Koch's usurper status--a David versus Goliath drama--lived on. With his storied I.Q. and many degrees, Koch should've expected that, and tried bearing it with grace.

After all, Conner laboriously gave us the Cup not once, but twice. But more than that, when this Cup finally (properly) began, his was the conduct to be respected. He didn't accuse the racing committee and ESPN of improper conduct. He didn't rail against Daylight Savings Time; Mother Nature; weather forecasters; boat designers; etc. He didn't wheeze over racing costs, yet vastly outspend and take espionage to a never-seen degree.

Instead, he truly sailed an old and only boat, from start through finish. And he, as required, always was miked, revealing under-the-gun humor, class, generosity, and sportsmanship--things Koch couldn't buy, let alone convincingly emulate.

I suggest Koch--the favorite son now--curtail further reprimands unless San Diegans clamber into Paul Cayard's camp. And, if Koch keeps on whining--more than a few of us just may.



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