Video Rental Chart : A 'Boy Scout' Unseats a 'King'

He who is last shall be first . . . at least "The Last Boy Scout." The Bruce Willis-Daymon Wayans thriller earned some merit badges at the box office (a $57-million gross), and it pushes "The Fisher King" out of the Billboard magazine video rental chart's top spot this week. But "Frankie & Johnny," the Al Pacino-Michelle Pfeiffer romance, is poised for a run at No. 1, debuting at a strong No. 6. The recent overload of real urban drama in the news hasn't scared renters from fictionalized urban drama: "Boyz N the Hood" dropped three places, but remains a strong No. 5.

* Teen heartthrobs River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves stepped out of type to play junkie hustlers in director Gus Van Sant's seamy, Falstaffian-tinged tale. The film was an art-theater hit and also seems to have caught on as a rental, coming in at a healthy No. 17 in its second week in the stores.

Rank Weeks Last on the Week Chart 1. "Last Boy Scout" 2 3 2. "The Fisher King" 1 7 3. "Deceived" 5 5 4. "Ricochet" 4 5 5. "Boyz N the Hood" 2 3 6. "Frankie & Johnny" ... ... 7. "Curly Sue" 6 5 8. "Little Man Tate" 10 2 9. "Dead Again" 7 8 10. "Shattered" 2 6 * "My Own Private Idaho" 21 2

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