Monterey Park Budget Deficit

Mr. Willner, as one of 15 members of an advisory budget committee, has selfishly listed some of the group's recommendations before this information was reported to the City Council.

The committee was appointed to provide the council with input on how to solve the current budget crisis. Many difficult decisions will need to be made after evaluating the committee's report.

After checking further, however, I found out that Mr. Willner provided very selective information in his letter. He didn't mention that 2 1/2 clerical positions are recommended for elimination. He didn't mention that six police officer positions are recommended for possible elimination, nor that one recommendation calls for the business utility tax to rise to 6%.

Mr. Willner also states that the budget problem would be fixed if the CRA would pay back $560,000 to the general fund. That would not be the result. The money was loaned from the reserve fund (to be used for emergency situations) to prevent a bond default of the Freeway Project. The Freeway Project must repay the money.

The majority of the City Council realizes the need to address this issue but in a rational and legal manner. The payment will be possible after the Freeway Project is merged with the Central Commercial Project, which will occur in September.

Furthermore, the deficit is $675,000 this year and will be more than $1 million next year. And you say this onetime payment will solve the deficit, Mr. Willner?


Councilwoman, Monterey Park

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