Video Rental Chart : Demi Moore Makes 'Wife' a Hot Item

Demi Moore is still riding that "Ghost" wave. "The Butcher's Wife," an oddball romantic comedy pairing Moore and Jeff Daniels, was butchered by critics and wasn't a big box-office hit, grossing $9.5 million. Still, it's a hot item at video stores, entering the Billboard magazine rental chart at No. 7. Retailers are citing Moore as the big attraction, noting that ever since "Ghost," she's been popular with renters. Director Alan Parker's "The Commitments," another that did modest box-office business, is also scoring big, rising to No. 10 in its second week. "JFK" came out too late to make this chart, but some say it was by far the top rental this past holiday weekend.

* Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery star in this sequel, a fantasy-adventure that was lauded for its special effects and grossed a respectable $15 million in theaters. It debuted impressively on the rental chart, at No. 12, and may climb into the Top 10. Making the Top 5, though, is a long shot.

Rank Weeks Last on the Week Chart 1. "The Last Boy Scout" 1 5 2. "Frankie & Johnny" 3 3 3. "The Fisher King" 2 9 4. "Deceived" 5 7 5. "Little Man Tate" 4 4 6. "Freejack" 8 2 7. "The Butcher's Wife" ... 1 8. "Ricochet" 6 7 9. "Boyz N the Hood" 7 10 10. "The Commitments" 17 2 "Highlander 2: The Quickening" ... 1

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