A summary of significant Los Angeles City Hall decisions affecting the Westside in the past week.


LAX OVER-CROSSING: Approved a proposal that makes it possible for a nonprofit corporation to be reimbursed about $1.25 million for building a pedestrian over-crossing at Los Angeles International Airport.

CANYON CLEANUP: Approved spending $3,000 for the Adopt-a-Canyon program to remove refuse from canyons in the 13th Council District.

HOLLYWOOD LOAN PROGRAM: Approved a proposal for a loan program that would provide up to $250,000 to businesses to rehabilitate existing entertainment industry facilities within the Hollywood Redevelopment Area. Participants must match the loan amount. The loans would be for a 10-year period with 10% of the loan to be forgiven for each year the participant operates in the area. The aim is to attract, retain and expand the entertainment industry in Hollywood. The council must give its final approval.

JOB WELL DONE: Joel Wachs has introduced a proposal asking the council to publicly thank the police officers, firefighters and paramedics who "risked their lives to do their jobs," during the recent civil unrest. "No matter what mistakes, if any, a few command officers may have made, the fact is that thousands of rank and file police officers, firefighters and paramedics gave their all," Wachs said.


How Westside representatives voted on selected issues.

AIDS FUNDING: Approved providing funding through June, 1993, for 14 community organizations that provide educational programs for those at risk of contracting AIDS and treatment for AIDS patients. Approved spending $591,304 for the program and treatment. Also authorized spending $225,000 to help AIDS patients pay rent. Passed: 12-0. Voting yes: Marvin Braude, John Ferraro, Joel Wachs, Michael Woo and Zev Yaroslavsky. Ruth Galanter and Nate Holden were absent.

FEES WAIVED: Approved a proposal to waive demolition fees on buildings damaged or destroyed during the riots. The council also approved a plan to waive building permit fees in hardship cases, and passed a resolution asking the government to immediately issue emergency food stamps to eligible residents hardest hit by the riots. Passed: 13-0. Voting yes: Braude, Ferraro, Galanter, Wachs, Woo and Yaroslavsky. Holden was absent.

GRAFFITI REWARDS: Approved revisions in the city's graffiti reward program, including establishing a total amount of $1,000 for all rewards to citizens who report graffiti vandals. Before the revisions, rewards were $1,000 or less. Passed: 13-0. Voting yes: Braude, Ferraro, Galanter, Wachs, Woo and Yaroslavsky. Holden was absent.

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