Curreri, Campaign Posters

It seems as though the (Bill) Ossenmacher/(Ernie) Nelson political effort has reached new lows in its Dana Point City council campaign. Our city worked hard to adopt a sign ordinance limiting placing of campaign signs to private property only. Unfortunately these council challengers have decided to and place signs on a multitude of public property and public right-of-way. And yes our state candidates are just as guilty.

Talk about urban blight! Who do these people think they are to deface our community this way! What are we teaching our children when the “grown-ups” of our community chose to indulge themselves in what amounts to no more than political graffiti.

It gets even worse because last weekend some politically motivated vandals chose to trespass on private property and tear down, remove or black out with spray paint legally posted Bill Bamattre, Judy Curreri and Mike Eggers campaign signs.

Congratulations to Bill Bamattre and Judy Curreri as council candidates willing to respect the laws of our community and take pride in our neighborhoods.



Dana Point