Antonovich Earns Enmity

Most incumbent politicians want to retain their constituents when redistricted. But not county Supervisor Mike Antonovich.

He lost the affluent Malibu and Calabasas areas, normally Republican, and this actually helps him. He earned their enmity by forcing unwanted developments on them at the behest of those developers who have been bankrolling him for years. Where did anybody think he got his million-dollar war chest?

Many of the 5th District’s undeveloped areas still do not know what is hitting them. The laissez-faire attitude shown by Antonovich is responsible for the increasing traffic, congestion and smog. The loss of open space and parkland proceeds apace.

His claim to “have always have been an environmentalist” is sheer Greenscam, hypocritically claiming to be something he is not. No wonder that to know him is to hate him.



Sherman Oaks