GUNS SHY: Given Axl Rose’s history of...

GUNS SHY: Given Axl Rose’s history of unpredictability, even the craziest rumors can sound plausible. So the one just surfacing in Minneapolis doesn’t sound too outlandish at all.

According to a source knowledgeable about the concert negotiations, Guns N’ Roses has pulled out of a tentatively planned Aug. 5 stop at the Minneapolis Metrodome on its tour with Metallica. The alleged reason: Rose’s psychic warned him not to play in cities that begin with the letter M .

Chris Jones of Guns N’ Roses’ management team confirmed that the Minneapolis plans had been shelved, but laughed off the psychic rumors. The official reason for GNR not playing there is a “scheduling conflict.”

Still, inquiring minds might take note: Backstage personnel reported that a psychic was among in GNR’s retinue when the band played in Minneapolis in January. And Miami, Memphis and Milwaukee, the most likely other M stops for a stadium-level U.S. tour, are not on the schedule. The one hole in the theory is that the GNR/Metallica bill is scheduled to play in Montreal.


Meanwhile, though the Metrodome concert has been scrapped, plans are now being made for a Metallica show at another, smaller outdoor site in the Twin Cities area, with Nirvana joining a bill that includes Faith No More.