Nymphs Release Inger Lorre After Concert Incident


Tempestuous singer Inger Lorre has been fired by the Los Angeles hard-rock band the Nymphs after she refused to go on stage at a recent concert.

The incident happened last week in Miami, where the band was on tour as the opening act for English singer Peter Murphy.

The group’s four male musicians began to play without Lorre, but she joined them part way into the set and scuffled with band members.


After playing the next night in Tampa without Lorre, the band dropped off the tour and returned to Los Angeles to consider its future. Lorre is reportedly staying with her parents in New Jersey.

Lorre’s refusal to appear in Miami is described by Nymphs drummer Alex Kirst as “the straw that broke the camel’s back” following a tension-filled history between the singer and the band, in which Lorre’s antics have often overshadowed the group’s music.

The group achieved notoriety even before the release of the 1991 debut album “Nymphs,” when it allegedly signed its contract with Geffen Records in blood and when Lorre--apparently angry that recording of the album was delayed while the band’s producer was tied up with Guns N’ Roses--allegedly urinated on a Geffen executive’s desk. Earlier this year, Lorre drew media attention when she performed a sex act during a concert at a Fullerton club. Despite the attention, the album has not sold well.