Verdict Is In on Supervisor Roth, but Voters Should Have Final Say

Unfortunately, for Orange County's political reputation, Supervisor Don R. Roth has lowered the performance standards of his office.

Roth had big shoes to fill when he took former Supervisor Ralph Clark's seat on the board. Those of us who were close to Clark had great hopes for Roth. But Roth has failed miserably to live up to Clark's performance in office.

Roth shows great disdain for all environmental concerns and has little or no regard for anyone who has an opinion differing from his own--particularly if it concerns issues involving some of the larger campaign contributors. But, worst of all, Roth obviously considers himself above the rules and regulations that govern his conduct in office.

I couldn't agree more that Roth should resign from office--there are qualified people who have demonstrated a greater level of morality and ethics who can do the job. We are not lacking for qualified talent in Orange County.


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