FOOTBALL / DAILY REPORT : RAMS : Standout Back Remains Elusive

The search continues for the right combination of starting running backs. Robert Delpino is still holding out, and the rest of the backs in camp all have question marks--at least in Coach Chuck Knox's mind.

"We're looking for somebody that can be the guy there," Knox said. "It may be that we're going to have to keep several and go with whoever's got the hot hand or whatever. . . . But right now I don't have a firm conviction that this guy is the guy .

"We're looking for a running back, two running backs, who can get up in there and carry that football and get some yards after first contact, get something when there isn't a whole lot there, get a whole lot when there is something there."

Knox is making it clear that sitting on the sidelines during practice is not the way to earn that spot--a point apparently well taken by the backs, especially Cleveland Gary and Marcus Dupree.

Gary sat out one afternoon workout because of tight hamstrings, but made sure to be back the next day. Dupree has not missed a workout.

Knox gave the team Saturday night and today off. Players are scheduled to report back to camp at 7 tonight.

"That's 10 straight days (the coaches have) been here and haven't had a night off," Knox said, "and the (advance camp) players have practiced 10 straight days, so they need to get away from it a bit."

Does Knox agree with Jackie Slater that the 38-year-old tackle can play two more seasons? "I believe anything Jackie Slater says," Knox said. . . . Defensive end Robert Young, who hurt his left ankle Friday, did not practice Saturday but probably will return to action Monday, Knox said.

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