SATURDAY LETTERS : 'Behind the Scenes'

To judge from Jane Hall's Sept. 8 article singing the praises and travails of PBS' new "Behind the Scenes," this admirable series sprang fully formed from the heads of Alice Trillin and Jane Garmey, executive producers and "creators" ("Years of Travail 'Behind the Scenes' of PBS Kids' Series").

Let me set the record straight. The creators, nowhere named in the article, are a pair of gifted filmmakers, Muffie Meyer and Ellen Hoevde, who wrote, produced and directed the entire series and edited the show that aired Sept. 8.

Trillin and Garmey were there at the beginning too, and they had perhaps the toughest task of all, raising the money. But The Times does a disservice to all the real creators in this town when it confuses fund raising with filmmaking.


Studio City

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