PRO FOOTBALL / DAILY REPORT : RAIDERS : Will Schroeder Get Another Chance?

Three weeks after losing his quarterback job, Jay Schroeder may be back--one way or another.

Starter Todd Marinovich is still wearing a heavy bandage on the ring finger of his throwing hand after suffering a deep cut on it in last Sunday's game against the New York Giants.

"It's just sore," Marinovich said Thursday.

Coach Art Shell said he expects Marinovich to be able to start Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

But whether he finishes could depend on more than the condition of his finger.

Should the Bills, the NFL leader in total offense, put the Raiders in a hole, the club might turn to Schroeder's powerful arm in the second half in a game of catch-up.

Schroeder has been given increased playing time in practice the last two weeks.

"We have two good quarterbacks we can utilize and I would not be afraid to use Jay," Shell said.

Center Don Mosebar, suffering from a sprained ankle, was back on the field at the Raiders' El Segundo training headquarters, testing his injury.

Todd Peat was listed as Sunday's center with rookie Greg Skrepenak taking Peat's spot at right guard.

Reggie McElroy will take over for Steve Wright at right tackle. Wright has recovered from an injured shoulder that forced him out of his starting role last week. But Shell has decided to stick with McElroy.

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