Tiny Treasures : Munchkins offers designers’ pretties for girls. The store also honors <i> any </i> coupon with a 30% discount on your first purchase.

For anyone who has a little girl to buy pretties for, a shop in Woodland Hills offers Munchkin-like treasures with little prices--hence the store’s name, Munchkins.

For newborns to size 14, there are dresses and play clothes, rompers and party apparel. Many are designed in the charming Victorian manner that grown-ups love to see their little girls in. Some of the labels are well-known to connoisseurs of children’s apparel. Pretty in Pink, Rare Edition and Peaches & Cream are well represented on the racks.

In some cases the labels have been cut out, but knowledgeable shoppers will recognize the designs, discounted 30%-50% on a regular basis. A chic Peaches & Cream in the crinkle rayon fabric with lace trim has been selling in major boutiques for $70-$80, yet the Munchkins price is $40.

The best bargains are garments bearing the Balloons label, which owner Hannah Sepehr creates and manufactures in downtown Los Angeles before wholesaling to retailers nationwide.


Sepehr, too, is caught up in the Victorian look. She says most little girls love the grown-up way wearing black makes them feel, so she designed some wonderful black party dresses that are heavily trimmed with white lace. The dressier of the two, made of moire, retails for about $50, but the price at Munchkins is $29.95. A black cotton dress with a deep V-collar in white lace comes in at the same price.

Rompers with matching hats come in a bright-colored cotton plaid that would light up any room. The savings on these garments are about 35%, since each retails for about $75 but are $40 here.

Perfect for our California weather are the lined nylon jackets with pants to match in an array of colors--pink, purple, blue, white and black--sized from 3 toddler and sold for $50. At a major discounter the jackets were “on sale” for $40.

Now here’s a novel promotion. If you bring in any coupon from any store for any product or service, Munchkins will give you 30% off your first purchase. So take in a coupon for pizza or tires or asparagus or carpet cleaning or whatever, and come home with a dress made of the stuff little girls’ dream are made of.


Where to Shop

What: Munchkins, 19958 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills.

Hours: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday, till 6 p.m. Saturday.

Cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discovery.

Call: (818) 883-5532.