MISTER ROGERS : In His Neighborhood, W Is for Wonderful

The excellent article on Mister Rogers reaffirmed what I, as a grandmother, have appreciated in him for 21 years.

As I watched him with my first grandchild (now a senior at Berkeley), I was fascinated by his ability to affirm young viewers’ self-esteem and to make each one feel truly unique and worthwhile. Perhaps in many young lives he represented the only adult to give them this input every day.

Recently, I have been disturbed to hear a talk-show host on KABC radio make derisive and disparaging remarks with Rogers as the target. The host does not know the meaning of respect, civility or compassion. He has no function that I can discern but to be “funny” at whatever cost in a very hurtful way. He would be the last person one would like to have young people of whatever age emulate.

Your article gave Rogers the accolades he so truly deserves. My appreciation to Lynne Heffley for an excellent article.