"Anything of great value--creation, a new idea--carries...

"Anything of great value--creation, a new idea--carries its shadow zone with it. You have to accept it that way. Otherwise there is only the stagnation of inaction. But every action has an implicit share of negativity. There is no escaping it. Every positive value has its price in negative terms and you never see anything very great which is not, at the same time, horrible in some respect. The genius of Einstein leads to Hiroshima."--Pablo Picasso

--From "Picasso: In His Words" edited by Hiro Clark (Collins Publishers San Francisco: $17.95; 96 pp.). Hiro Clark suspects that Picasso himself would have laughed at the idea of a book printing his ruminations about his art (above, "A Frugal Repast," 1904) because "it was the moment of creation that mattered most to him, and not what came after, or even before. "

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