LAX Appeal

Marvelous idea: Christopher Reynolds asked readers for suggestions on how to improve LAX ("Travel Insider," Feb. 7), with responses published March 14 and addressed to Jack Driscoll, new manager of the city airport department. Quite understandably, many complaints were made about the poor quality of the public address systems. Driscoll explains that most of the announcements the traveler hears are made on the airline's public-address system and that each carrier has its own.

You would assume that each carrier, anxious to woo travelers, would provide quality public-address systems. But the problem really rests with the abilities of the employees who make the announcements. Why not train these people in the proper use of the system? TV and radio broadcasts are delivered by people trained to use a microphone--they would not last 10 minutes if they mumbled or squeaked their dialogue on the air.


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