Historical L.A.

I was very interested in your article on downtown Los Angeles ("Getaways Without Going Far," Jan. 17), but surprised that you did not mention the historical center of Los Angeles, El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument. There you can find 27 historical buildings, including the first Roman Catholic church, the first Masonic temple, the first fire station, the first fired brick house (the Pelanconi building on Olvera Street), the oldest standing house in Los Angeles (the Avila Adobe), the first luxury hotel (the Pico House), the first building built for theater productions (the Merced Theatre), and the original location of Chinatown.

I am associated with a group of volunteers, Las Angelitas del Pueblo, who have been serving the city for 27 years by giving free walking and bus tours at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Monument, the historical core of the city of Los Angeles. Bus tours leave from the old fire station on Los Angeles Street and go to historical locations and new developments. The telephone number: (213) 628-1274.


Los Angeles

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