BURBANK : University Raising Funds for Buildings

Woodbury University launched a campaign Thursday to raise $10 million for campus construction, the first such campaign in the school’s 109-year history.

“It may be ambitious in these times, but that is a small goal for a university,” President Paul E. Sago said.

Woodbury University, which has 1,200 students in architecture, design, computer information systems and business, plans to completely renovate two buildings and build two more at the cost of about $8.4 million.

Another $1 million will go for a new endowment fund and $600,000 to expand the school’s library collection.


A student center, business building, design center and architecture building are to be added to the campus, which straddles the Burbank-Los Angeles border.

The construction would allow the school to boost its enrollment of architecture students from 150 to 250 students.

“Enrollment now is limited only by the space available,” Sago said.

The construction also will help the university finally win national accreditation for its architecture program, Sago said.

The campaign will run for several months and seek donations to be paid within three years.

“Our trustees have already pledged $1 million to the campaign,” Sago said.

Woodbury moved from downtown Los Angeles to the Burbank site in 1987.

After the $10-million campaign is completed, the university plans to hold a campaign for $15 million to build an endowment fund for the school’s financial security.


The school has been supported largely on tuition until now.