Formation Agency Sings a New Tune as Districts Draw Criticism

The behavior of people in positions of public trust (water boards, school systems, municipal and county government, etc.) has been much in the news over the past few months.

Vacancies have occurred and no doubt there are more to come.

As a believer in the value of public service and as a citizen of Newport Beach and Orange County, I think I have most of the qualifications necessary for several kinds of appointment: I like business lunches in nice restaurants and do not mind if someone else wants to pay; while my home is in reasonable shape, a few repairs and improvements would do it no harm; although I am not a golfer (I realize this could be a drawback), I'm good company at the bar and in the locker room; I have traveled more than once to Europe and know a couple of languages pretty well, so I'd be an asset on any trip to see how they do things over there. (My wife enjoys travel also.)

Above all, I believe firmly in the necessity of close, friendly relations between the business community and local government and am willing to add a few pounds to my weight and sacrifice some leisure hours to promote them.


Newport Beach

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