Conversion of El Toro Base: Will It Fly?

If Kenneth J. Delino feels he is "naive, but . . . the truth will prevail," perhaps it's time for the truth to be spelled out: Newport Beach hates the noise and nuisance of John Wayne Airport. By flowering this basic concept through self-fulfilling studies, with statistics of great financial gains for Orange County if an El Toro/Lake Forest commercial airport is developed, Mr. Delino sounds like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Let's draw the line. Those in favor of "donating" 4,600 prime acres to a hazardous, smoggy, noisy, traffic-producing commercial airport, with a little left over for a prison and a low-income housing project, join Mr. Delino.

The rest of us better fight like hell, because if these self-serving individuals get their way, the Saddleback Valley won't be the beautiful, clean, safe-place-to-raise-a-kid community it is today. It will be just plain miserable.


Lake Forest

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