Make Way for More Jets, Prisoners

After reading all the letters regarding the conversion of the El Toro base, I have come up with the perfect answer that will take care of those who want a larger airport and those who believe this is an opportunity to do something about the need for more jail capacity.

We should first convert El Toro to a regional airport. El Toro would be a large improvement over John Wayne Airport, and it would not make much sense not to take advantage of this chance to end up with a facility that will take care of the regional needs that can never be supplied by John Wayne.

And now, for the second suggestion to answer the other need: Convert the old John Wayne Airport to a prison. Now we have a complete solution that should satisfy everyone.

Please, don't thank me. I am just trying to please everyone, and when these suggestions are put into effect, that will be thanks enough.


San Juan Capistrano

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