LOS ALAMITOS : Fee Asked to Cover No-Skating Zones


A proposal to impose a $100 fee on applications to designate a private property as a “no skateboarding or roller skating” zone will go before the City Council today.

The fees will enable the city to recover the costs of processing the applications and carrying out required inspections, officials said.

On April 26, the city adopted an ordinance that banned skateboarding and roller skating in designated areas. The ban may be extended to a private property at the owner’s request.


Under the ordinance, the property owner has to make an application, which will be reviewed by several city departments.

In addition, the applicant will pay for the necessary warning signs. Public works employees will inspect the signs to determine if they meet the standards for location, size, shape and wording.

If the application is turned down, the owner may appeal to the City Council. The proposed appeal fee is $50.