Sharp KidsFrustrated over the shortage of "cool...

Sharp Kids

Frustrated over the shortage of "cool kid's stuff" for their 6-month-old girl, women's wear designer Holly Sharp and husband Michael turned their Laguna Beach store into a must stop for infants to kids' Size 12. "I really believe in this trend of mother and child dressing similar," she says. "It says, 'This is part of my tribe.' " Hip parents will also find antique children's books, custom-made hampers, vintage cowboy boots, clogs and custom bed sheets in chenille or damask.

All Aflutter

Spring is in full bloom, and colorful butterflies are everywhere: in gardens, in the fields, in the mall. . .the mall? Yes, labels as disparate as Esprit and Escada and designers such as Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui are splashing everything from denim to silk with the colorful winged bug. What's the big fascination? "Butterflies are a symbol of freedom for the season," notes Paul Pelssers, design director for Esprit's junior line.

Express Yourself

What's hot at the prom this season? For girls, it's individual style, says Mary Clarke, Sassy magazine's creative director for fashion and beauty. Instead of head-to-toe prom glitz, she suggests twisting the Cinderella look with street or grunge details. "Don't be afraid to wear a frilly classic prom dress with boots or clogs," Clarke suggests. "Or go ahead and throw a denim jacket over it all." . . . For boys? Tuxedos, of course, but go the classic route. Tips on E3.

Coloring Away the Lines

From the face-lift mecca, where post-surgery bruises won't do, comes the ultimate concealer: the Everything Pencil ($12). "The biggest concern most women have--and men too--is finding a perfect concealer," says ex-model Judith August, who developed the product after years of working with Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. Her 10-year-old namesake line specializes in "corrective cosmetics"; hence, skin-healer ingredient Vitamin E. The water-resistant pencil comes in alabaster, beige and olive. It works for any part of the body, promising to hide everything from under-eye circles and wrinkles to blemishes and varicose veins.

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