Nothing Ventured

In his article "Tourists Discovering the Mysteries of Honduras," April 18, author James T. Yenckel reports being questioned as to why he wanted to go to Tegucigalpa: "There's nothing there," he was informed. He was right to disregard the advice. There's a lot of "nothing" in the world, and it's fascinating to note how different one "nothing" is from another.

We first ran into his question in England. "Why do you want to see the moors? They're nothing." Ah, but they were a nothing unlike any other nothing we had seen. And similarly the Australian Outback, and similarly the arid Karroo region of South Africa. Our own Mojave Desert is nothing, too, I suppose, but it, too, is a unique nothing. Advice from this seasoned traveler: Go see the nothings. You'll be enchanted.


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