The Voters Giveth and Taketh Away

The victory over the $29-million school bond issue in San Gabriel, over the school board's plan to build a new high school, gives a resounding message to the school board that the people of San Gabriel do not want or need a new high school and, more impressively, not at the existing Jefferson Intermediate School site.

A small group of dedicated individuals formed a committee that operated with a very low budget. In a short time, others were anxious to be a part of the "no vote" of the school bonds. In all, 79% of the voters who live near Jefferson Intermediate School said no to the school bond.

In a precinct adjacent to the Jefferson area, another 72% of the voters said no to the bonds. No area of the city reached the 66% voter approval needed to pass the bond.

The voters recognized that it did not make any sense to demolish the well-built Jefferson School, only to have to rebuild it at another location.

Also, the existing San Gabriel High School, which is on the borderline of San Gabriel and Alhambra, has been allocated $28 million to expand and improve the facilities. New classrooms, library and science labs are being planned. This expansion will be good for many more years.

Rumors are that the school board is planning another election. We feel this is an unwarranted waste of taxpayers' money.


San Gabriel

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