Rock Guitarist Accidentally Shoots Woman

A guitarist for the rock band Motley Crue accidentally shot a female companion in the abdomen Friday afternoon while he was target shooting in a remote area of the Antelope Valley, west of Lancaster, authorities said.

Mick Mars, 43, of Malibu, was not charged in the incident. His friend, Rebecca Mettling, 24, of Los Angeles, was treated for a minor wound and released at Antelope Valley Hospital Center in Lancaster, a nursing supervisor said.

Mars told Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies that he and Mettling had driven to a deserted area near 140th Street West and Avenue 5 at about 5 p.m. to target shoot, Sheriff’s Sgt. Paul Kaser said.

Mars told authorities that Mettling stood behind him while he was shooting, but the bullet apparently hit a rock and ricocheted, hitting Mettling on the left side of the abdomen.


Kaser said authorities are not pressing charges against Mars.

Although shooting in the desert area around Lancaster is not legal, Kaser said, “It’s done so often that it’s hard to enforce.”