SAN FERNANDO : Proposed Measure to Allow Store Music

The loud music that flows from storefronts lining the downtown San Fernando Mall can continue under a measure recommended by the San Fernando Planning Commission to tighten regulations in the city's commercial district.

The commission dropped a provision to prohibit music or noise that can be heard outside stores after holding a hearing Tuesday, which attracted two merchants who said they need amplified music to draw in customers. Commissioners also learned that an existing city law prohibits excessive noise.

"We don't really want it (the music) to be discontinued," said Jim Rodriguez, owner of Alicia's Beauty Salon and past president of the San Fernando Downtown Mall Assn.

"Music is part of our business," said Ray Fajardo, of Mission Jewelers. "People come in with the music."

Howard Miura, the city's community development director, said merchants also raised concerns about banning loud music during a meeting held with members of the mall association in June.

"If we already have something in place in the code, we don't need to add it here," said Commissioner Helen Arriola.

The proposed guidelines, which need final approval from the City Council, would restrict building awning colors and discourage indoor swap meets by requiring individual stores to be a certain size in the central business district. The district is bordered by San Fernando Road, San Fernando Mission Boulevard, Chatsworth Drive and Celis Street.

In other action, the commission continued a hearing on proposed changes to the city's sign ordinance to Aug. 17. One of the changes would place restrictions on the use of banners, pennants and streamers.

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