Luciano Charles Scorsese; Father of Director Martin Scorsese

Luciano Charles Scorsese, 80, a garment industry presser who had cameo roles in the films of his son, director Martin Scorsese. A lifelong resident of Little Italy in New York City, Scorsese and his wife of 60 years, Catherine, were the subjects of their son's documentary "Italianamerican." Charles Scorsese, who also served as wardrobe consultant on many of his son's films, appeared as a card player in "Raging Bull" in 1980 and as a hit man in "GoodFellas" in 1990. He also had small roles in "The King of Comedy," "The Color of Money," "After Hours," "Cape Fear" and the yet to be released "The Age of Innocence." On Monday in New York.

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