Getting Them to Eat the Right Thing

There are ways to be sure your offspring are eating enough vitamin-rich vegetables, says Jody Lander Spector, a registered dietitian at St. Vincent Medical Center and coordinator of its Weight Management Program.

* Turn vegetables into finger foods whenever possible. They’re more fun to eat and easier to handle. Try sliced carrots and cherry tomatoes.

* Serve cold spinach. Kids often find it more acceptable than warm.

* Ask your kids to help pick out the vegetables at the market or go to a farmers market. “Make it fun,” Spector says. Children can select the produce that looks most interesting and appetizing. Who knows? They might actually be more likely to eat it later.


* Talk about the value of vitamins. Discuss what body part or function each vitamin helps.

* Buy vegetables prepackaged--such as convenient pre-washed salads--if it means you’ll eat more of them because they are on hand.