Newport Needs Cox on Tollway Panel

* As a former parks, beaches and recreation commissioner and an eight-year planning commissioner for Newport Beach, my husband and I have taken more than a passing interest in what goes on at City Hall; thus, we were somewhat appalled at the council’s action (replacing Councilman John C. Cox Jr. with Councilman Phil Sansone on) the San Joaquin Hills Corridor Agency at the last meeting.

Everyone concedes that the toll road proposed by the agency is controversial. In spite of all the hurdles, Cox has represented the city on that agency for nearly 10 years and has served as its chairman for four. It was he who negotiated the realignment of Ford Road to protect Newport Beach constituents in that area. He has also handled a myriad of challenges hurled at him from every direction. If the toll road goes through, virtually everyone agrees that a number of cars will be diverted from Corona del Mar, toll booth or no toll booth. It seems to us that the people of Corona del Mar and the City Council should recognize this. But the council seems to be saying “What have you done for us lately, John?”

To top it off, they have now placed Sansone in an impossible situation; he will be one of 12 members on the commission who does not have the benefit of an extensive exposure to the goals of the commission, and will be dealing with 11 other members who probably couldn’t care less about what Newport Beach wants.

Good luck, Phil, because you’ll need it.



Newport Beach