A selection of traffic reporter slang:

bam and scram n . a hit-and-run accident.

beast L.A. interchange n. the East Los Angeles interchange, where the Santa Monica eastbound meets the Santa Ana and Pomona freeways. “They were stuck in gridlock at the beast L.A. interchange when he proposed.”

bangers and mash n. a non-injury accident. “A bangers and mash on the 405 southbound at Beach Boulevard is clogging traffic clear to Cherry Avenue.” Also: bumper-thumper


commuter hooter n. a radio or television traffic reporter.

Caligula Pass n. the Cahuenga Pass. “Avoid the Caligula Pass on your drive home tonight unless you’re interested in a carbon monoxide inhaler before dinner.”

four-letter interchange n. the four-level interchange downtown where the Hollywood, Santa Ana and Harbor/Pasadena freeways meet. Also: four-devil interchange.

Garbage Grove n. the Garden Grove Freeway.


h.o.v. high-occupancy vehicle, usually used in reference to freeway car-pool lanes.

Orange Crush n. the intersection of the Santa Ana, Garden Grove and 57 freeways.

SigAlert n. an advisory that commuters will face delays of 30 minutes or more. Named after Loyd Sigmon, the former KMPC engineer who developed a traffic advisory system in 1955.

Slomona n. the Pomona Freeway.