Weintraub Named to County Panel

Roberta Weintraub, the 14-year veteran of the Los Angeles Board of Education who retired earlier this year, has been appointed to the Los Angeles County Commission on Local Government Services.

"I'm very pleased to welcome Roberta as one of my new appointees to this panel," said Board of Supervisors Chairman Ed Edelman, who named Weintraub to the panel. "She brings to this post a wealth of knowledge and sophisticated, high-level government and academic experience."

Weintraub served four terms on the school board and was elected the board's president three times.

The former Sherman Oaks homemaker won election in 1979 as a conservative Republican and staunch opponent of busing. Two years ago, she switched party affiliation, prompting speculation that she wanted to leave the board for political office.

Weintraub said when she retired that she planned to work for the breakup of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Weintraub could not be reached Thursday for comment.

The 18-member Commission on Local Government Services evaluates what services various government agencies provide and what areas they cover before developing strategies to minimize overlap and friction between those agencies.

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