SOUTH-CENTRAL : Slumlord Ordered to Do Road Crew Work

A Santa Monica man convicted of criminal slum violations at a South-Central hotel has been ordered to serve 120 hours on a Caltrans work crew.

William Boorstin, 31, pleaded no contest earlier this month to 10 violations of health and building and safety codes, including missing smoke detectors and defective fire alarms, at the St. Regis Hotel, 230 West 23rd St. Boorstin originally faced 25 counts, but 15 of those were dropped by the city attorney's office.

"Any of the fire code problems can be very dramatic," said Deputy City Atty. Michael Wilkinson. "Some might consider them minor fire violations, but if you walk through a building where 10 people died, you realize that it's critical, that these things can save lives," he said, referring to a May 3 fire at a Westlake apartment building that resulted in 10 deaths.

Boorstin was also ordered to pay $9,362 in fines and placed on three years' probation. He has until March 15 to complete his work with Caltrans. A reinspection of the building is scheduled for Oct. 27.

Boorstin managed the building, which is owned by his parents, Henry M. and Donna Boorstin. The couple was not prosecuted because health problems prevented them from being involved in the daily operation of the hotel, Wilkinson said.

Donna Boorstin was sentenced to 30 days in jail in 1991 after the city's Slum Housing Task Force found broken fire doors, leaky plumbing and gaping holes in the walls, Wilkinson said.

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