Being Devil's Advocate in Mission Viejo

* Some Mission Viejo parents appear to be lacking both a sense of humor and trust in their children at Mission Viejo High School.

Surely a little devilishness on the part of young people raised in Christian homes is not going to condemn them to hell. It's the young people's school so let them choose how to present it.

The parents are upset by a cartoonish depiction of an otherworldly figure. The situation might be different if there was an actual photo of Old Scratch.

Who knows what the devil looks like? Wasn't the . . . the fallen angel Lucifer, one of the more radiant in heaven's firmament?

A popular song of a few years back describes him as having blue eyes and wearing blue jeans.

I question whether a horned, bearded, red-eyed apparition with a tail and waving a pitchfork would lure many converts.

Lighten up. If this school representation is the furthest that young people stray (if they are straying), we're in great shape.

The more you protest, the more they'll try to devil you.



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