Researched by JANICE L. JONES / Los Angeles Times

Name: Gbolahan Ogunbiyi

Firm: Ogunbiyi Associates

Thumbs up: “I like the challenges presented by each project. No two are exactly alike.”

Thumbs down: “I honestly can’t think of any.”


Next step: “To build my company up and to take on more transportation projects.”

Advice: “It is very important, especially during high school, to devote time to mathematics and science, particularly physics. After college, it is best to work for a small firm where you will work on a variety of design projects.”

Salary range: $36,000 to $65,000, depending on experience. Structural engineers who own their own firms can earn more.

Hours: Structural engineers usually work 40 to 50 hours each week. But additional hours are often required to meet deadlines.


Educational and training requirements: Structural engineers must first earn a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering before specializing in structural engineering on the graduate level.

Size of work force: Small--about 550 people in Orange County work as structural engineers.

Expected demand: Steady. Structural engineers are needed to help design earthquake-safe buildings and bridges and to bring existing structures up to code.

Job description: Structural engineers review architects’ building plans and design the proper structural supports required for the building to withstand earthquakes, wind and other forces. They also participate in the design of bridges.


Major employing industries: Architectural and civil engineering firms, government agencies and construction companies. Many structural engineers establish their own companies.

For more information: Contact the UC Irvine School of Engineering at (714) 856-5011 or the Structural Engineers Assn. of California at (213) 385-4424.