CYPRESS : Council Approves Skateboarding Ban

The City Council has approved an ordinance that could lead to the banning of skateboarding in many places throughout the city.

The new law, which takes effect Oct. 26, allows public and private property owners to post “no skateboarding” signs and call police for enforcement. Council members passed the ordinance on a 4-1 vote. The postings could potentially ban skateboarding in the entire city, although the City Council has not taken a position on whether it would impose such a ban on public sidewalks and parks.

Mayor Gail H. Kerry, who voted against the ordinance, said she fears too many property owners will post the anti-skateboarding signs.

“To do this is an absolute crime,” Kerry said about passing the ordinance. “Now anybody can put a sign up without having to justify that they have problems (with skateboarders) and, in effect, we’re outlawing the sport all over the city.”


Police Chief Daryl M. Wicker said only two sites--Cypress College and a business center on Ball Road and Bloomfield Avenue--have requested the signs.

Anyone cited for riding skateboards in areas where anti-skateboarding signs are posted will face $25 fines, officials said.