Calabasas : Curbside Recycling Cuts Landfill Waste

Curbside recycling in Calabasas has cut the amount of waste the city sends to landfills by more than 8% during the first three months of the program, according to a report issued Wednesday.

“This is what we hoped for,” said Kim Collins, recycling coordinator for Calabasas. “You’re always optimistic when you start something new, and the citizens really came through for us.”

Since curbside recycling was started at all single-family homes in June, residents have recycled 378 tons of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal, according to a statement issued by the city.

The program is part of an effort to meet a state requirement that all cities reduce the amount of waste they divert to landfills by one-fourth by 1995, and by half before the year 2000.


Collins said the city plans to extend curbside recycling to apartment buildings, condominiums and workplaces within three months.

City officials also are looking for ways to recycle yard waste, which represents 30% of the city’s trash haul, Collins said.