He has dedicated the National League playoffs to his son, Cody, and Wednesday, Atlanta reliever Steve Bedrosian got some good news from his wife.

"Almost all the leukemia blood cells are out of (Cody's) blood," Bedrosian said of the 6-year-old.

The bad news came on Sept. 22, when the leukemia that the Bedrosians thought was on its way out reappeared, invading 90% of Cody's cells. The condition, which was originally diagnosed in the spring of 1990, requires that Cody get a bone-marrow transplant, and the Bedrosians are looking to their 2-year-old son, Cameron. The transplant is scheduled for January in Minnesota. Their older son, Kyle, appears at this point to be incompatible, although Bedrosian said that might change.

"I'm doing OK," Bedrosian said. "I found out at the hotel before I came to the park, and the news is great. Cody is a strong little kid. And my wife is stronger than all of us."

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