A Real-Life Cliffhanger: Rock Climber Is Rescued

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Firefighters rescued a Woodland Hills woman Sunday after she broke an ankle while climbing in the west San Fernando Valley at a popular spot for rock climbing enthusiasts, fire officials said.

Rochelle Scott, 39, said she was partly inspired to undertake the hobby after watching the movie “Cliffhanger.”

About 25 firefighters worked to rescue Scott, who was trapped on the northeast side of Stony Point, said Fire Department spokesman Bob Collis.


Scott was with her children, ages 6 and 9, and her boyfriend at the top of one peak when she leaped from one ledge to another. “It’s a jump we’ve done before and they did fine--everybody but me,” Scott said. “I landed on my feet, but I heard the crack right away.”

Scott’s boyfriend brought firefighters back to where she had fallen. The spot is in an area frequented by rock climbers, Collis said. “They’re all over it like ants.”