Reprints by Fax or Mail

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Reprints of select Times stories are now available by fax as well as by mail through Times on Demand. The following Editor’s Choice stories are the only ones available, but we will be adding others.

Each reprint costs $2.95, including sales taxes and delivery.

Here’s how to order:

By Fax: To order one of the stories listed below, call the TimesLink news and information service at 808-8463. No area code is needed from the 213, 310, 714, 818 or 909 area codes. Outside of those areas, use the area code closest to you. Then press the *key and 8630. You will need your fax and credit card numbers, plus the number of the story you want.

By Mail: Send a written request with your name and address, plus the titles and numbers of the reprints you want. Make checks payable to the L.A. Times. Send requests to Times on Demand, P.O. Box 60395, Los Angeles, CA 90052. Allow two to three weeks for delivery.


If you have questions or comments on this new service, call (800) LA TIMES, Ext. 74341.

More on Mexico and Central America

* “A Cook’s Tour of Tijuana,” 3,418 words, Sept. 10, 1992. 1100

* “A Guide to Driving the Baja Highway,” 2,854 words, Nov. 8, 1992. 1101

* “Taking the Cabo Cure,” 2,640 words, Dec. 13, 1992. 1102

* “Baja’s Secret Shores,” Santa Rosalia to La Paz, 2,854 words, Feb. 7, 1993. 1103

* “Costa Rica, Wild and Mild,” 2,838 words, Feb. 28, 1993. 1120

Winery Tours

* “Following the New Grape Trail” in San Luis Obispo County, 2,889 words, Oct. 25, 1992. 1000

* “A Guide to San Luis Obispo County Wineries,” 1,499 words, Oct. 25, 1992. 1001

* “A Sampler of San Luis Comestibles,” places to buy herbs, beer and bread, 571 words, Oct. 25, 1992. 1002

Civil War Battlefields

* “Roaming Historic America,” a story about a 22-state journey of Civil War America, 2,766 words, June 30, 1991. 1160


* “Hilo: Main Street, Hawaiian Style,” 2,225 words, June 6, 1993. 1150

* “Why Wailea?” on Maui’s southwestern coast, 2,457 words, July 11, 1993. 1151

* “Hawaii on Horseback,” 2,666 words, Aug. 15, 1993. 1152


* “Along Africa’s West and South Coasts,” an Oct. 11, 1992 story highlighting cruises that put in at African ports. 1,060 words. 1600