The PGA Suspends Daly : Golf: He is taken off the tour for an undetermined length of time for quitting at Kapalua tournament.

From Associated Press

John Daly was suspended from the PGA Tour on Sunday, two days after quitting at the Kapalua International.

The announcement was made by PGA Commissioner Deane Beman after completion of the tournament on Maui. Beman said he made his decision after speaking with Daly.

Daly was disqualified from the tournament Friday when he picked up his ball and failed to complete play on the 11th hole of the second round. He had started the day at par, but had three double-bogeys before walking off.

The suspension affects any PGA-related events for the rest of this year and will continue for an undetermined length next year.

The events most immediately affected will be the Shark Shootout, Nov. 18-21; the Skins Game, Nov. 27-28, and the JC Penney Classic, Dec. 2-5.


The PGA usually does not announce disciplinary actions. Beman did so because of the publicity surrounding Daly’s scheduled appearances at the upcoming events.

Daly had well-publicized drinking problems before going through a rehabilitation program this year. The suspension requires him to seek professional counseling.

“He needs support, he needs understanding and he needs professional help,” Beman said. “John has made great strides in the last year, but he has additional challenges to conquer.”

Daly, who was disqualified from the Kemper Open on May 23 and withdrew from the Southern Open on Oct. 3, already was on probation.

“I care about him, I like him, but some of the things he does are unacceptable,” Beman said. “On one hand we’re not going to permit him to play, but on the other hand we are going to support him. He can be a very positive force for golf. It’s a difficult time for him.”

Beman called his discussion with Daly “cordial and certainly a serious conversation. In the final analysis, John has to be responsible for his own actions and I have to do what I have to do.”

Beman said because the suspension stems from revocation of probation that Daly agreed to, it is not subject to appeal.

“John now knows emphatically he can’t quit,” Beman said. “You can’t go out there and walk off the golf course.”

Daly’s whereabouts Sunday were unknown.