Dolphin Capture

Regarding "Free Flipper," Nov. 14:

It is ironic that just minutes before I read the portion of the article stating how few Pacific white-sided dolphins have been seen in the area this year, I was enjoying watching close to 100 of the species feeding off the Palos Verdes Peninsula. In the 200-plus hours I spent this year observing and recording cetaceans in the San Pedro channel area, I actually sighted more Pacific white-sided dolphins than in past years.

I care little for the politics of the various participants in the dolphin capture debate; I do feel that the public deserves accurate information.



Capturing Pacific white-sided dolphins should be stopped. With 36 deaths in 58 captures over the last 20 years, the Chicago Shedd Aquarium has no right to kill more of these beautiful creatures. Although caretaking methods may have improved, such species should live natural lives in the ocean.


Panorama City

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