BEVERLY HILLS : Only One Vote Separates School Board Candidates

Michael Karlin is the apparent winner of a seat on the Beverly Hills school board--by one vote--but the contest may not be over yet.

In its final count from the Nov. 2 election, the Los Angeles County registrar-recorder's office reported that Karlin won the race to fill an unexpired two-year term over Jo Ann Koplin, 3,142 to 3,141.

Koplin filed for a recount late Tuesday, however, so it may be several weeks before the matter is put to rest.

"Yes, I am the winner by one vote (but) this endless saga continues," Karlin said. "I view this as a steppingstone on the road to reaching a conclusive result."

Beverly Hills School Supt. Sol Levine said he did not expect the recount results to be available before the Dec. 7 meeting at which new school board members are to be sworn in. If the count isn't finished, Levine said, then Karlin, the current winner, will take the seat in the interim.

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