BRADBURY : Mayor, Councilman Are Recalled by City Voters

Bradbury voters have recalled the mayor and a councilman in the wake of a financial scandal that eroded public confidence in the city's officials, according to a final count of the Nov. 2 ballots.

Mayor Audrey Hon was recalled by a 58-38 vote. Councilman Tom Melbourn lost by only one vote, 35 to 34, according to the results, certified by the county this week.

Residents initiated recall drives earlier this year after former City Manager Aurora (Dolly) Vollaire was fired for allegedly spending more than $80,000 in city money on personal expenses, including fine china.

Residents who launched the recalls said the entire council bore some responsibility for Vollaire's practices because they routinely approved payments that covered the purchases. The mayor's duties included signing the checks.

The empty seats will be filled by an election in April, rather than by appointment, leaving the city with a three-member council until then.

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