Officials Are Defending Gay Lifestyle

* Those speaking on behalf of Fountain Valley High School are guilty of publicly defending homosexuals from discrimination without publicly warning the student body and others about the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle. It is understandable to feel sympathy for isolated individuals (gays), and the motives of the defenders seem genuine.

Public sympathy shown to homosexuals without an equal public warning to the student body or others as to the possible consequences of the lifestyle is implied acceptance of the lifestyle. This is why many students and parents are confused, and rightly so.

Just as advertisers of cigarettes have been compelled by our courts to warn the innocent about the dangers of smoking, so must we warn the innocent about the homosexual lifestyle.

Those who publicly defend the homosexual must also defend the future innocent victim of AIDS. They must warn all who are listening to their defense of the homosexual about the possible consequences of the lifestyle.


La Habra

* The recent protest at Fountain Valley High School proves once again that Orange County is homophobic and an embarrassment.


Huntington Beach

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