Brownie recipes at midnight? Lettuce at 3 a.m.? We're into 24-hour food here. The Television Food Network, available on selected Southern California cable systems, has snagged some well-known names to host some of its shows.

Jane Curtin introduces "Cooking Classics," which features vintage cooking shows (including segments with TV food pioneers James Beard and Dione Lucas). Robin Leach gabs with celebrities. New Orleans' so-called "Engagin' Cajun," Emeril Lagasse, teaches cooking basics in "How to Boil Water." Former New York City TV reporter Donna Hanover and wine writer David Rosengarten anchor "Food News and Views," the network's prime-time news hour.

And Gayle Gardner, best known as a sports broadcaster for NBC, hosts "Getting Healthy." Food news, fast cooking and entertaining tips are also part of the mix. One of the network's best ideas: a home-cook segment in which the camera goes into people's kitchens and watches them make their favorite recipes (often from a box). Strong competition for "America's Funniest Home Videos."

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