CAMARILLO : Geologist to Study Threat of Rockslide

Officials of a group of homeowners who live in the path of a potential rockslide in Camarillo plan to meet with a geologist today to determine the possible cost of preventive repairs.

Residents in the Camarillo Springs Country Club Village mobile home park and The Springs subdivision are worried that a rock fissure discovered over the weekend might send boulders tumbling onto their property.

Ventura County firefighters extinguishing a hillside blaze Saturday found a gaping crack at least five feet wide in the side of an abandoned rock quarry.

Bill Torrence, an official with the Camarillo Springs Common Area Assn., said the geologist will be paid between $2,500 and $4,000 to determine whether the cracked rocks present a danger to the two communities.


“Regardless of how much it costs, if they tell us it’s got to be corrected, we’ll go ahead and do it,” Torrence said Monday.

The geological survey will probably be completed before the end of this week, he said.