OC HIGH / STUDENT NEWS & VIEWS : OC High asks: If you saw someone cheating on a test, what would you do? Why?

“I would report them to the teacher directly after class. Hopefully they would be kicked out of my school, because an education is a privilege, and we should not allow these delinquents in our schools.”

John Alford, 17 senior, Foothill

“I wouldn’t say anything. I’d just know what kind of person they are! A cheater is a loser. Who has time for losers?”

Yota Giannopoulos, 17 senior, Cypress


“I’d talk to the person first and see if he really knew what he was doing, because just going to the authority doesn’t help the person in the long run.”

Brian Frazier, 16 junior, El Modena

“Nothing. I wouldn’t want to be a tattle.”

Billy Do, 17 senior, Esperanza


“If you cheat and don’t really know the material, what happens in the real world when you need to know that material and you don’t have anybody to cheat off? You’re only hurting yourself.”

Alex Okland, 17 junior, Calvary Chapel

“Stand up, point and shout, ‘ Ole!

Philip Liu, 16 junior, Huntington Beach


“I would probably ignore it, because almost everyone cheats.”

Kristine Igo, 16 junior, Fountain Valley

“I wouldn’t do anything, because it’s an unwritten rule that you don’t nark on somebody.”

Brian Sroka, 18 senior, Irvine


“If I studied hard and they got the better grade, I would be furious.”

Shay McAfee, 15 sophomore, Mater Dei

“If I saw it, I would just ignore it. I wouldn’t tell on them.”

Nicole West, 17 senior, Whittier Christian


“I wouldn’t do anything. Who cares? One day they won’t be able to cheat, and then they will see that cheaters never profit.”

Tesha Murtagh, 17 senior, Santiago

“I wouldn’t do anything. It’s not my problem.”

Vince Disaia, 16 junior, Foothill


“I would probably confront the person and tell him to study for the next test or else he’s dead.”

Eric Thulander, 16 junior, Calvary Chapel

“Probably nothing; I am guilty of this crime and honestly cannot be a hypocrite. Some tests mean more to some than others. It seems disrespectful to see someone cheating on a subject that you enjoy studying. Everyone cheats; it’s human nature.”

Erich Phinizy, 17 senior, Huntington Beach


“I would write an anonymous note to the teacher with the name of the person who was cheating and leave it on the teacher’s desk.”

Shannon Gilkey, 16 sophomore, Villa Park

“I would just turn around . . . the one who’s cheating is the one that ain’t going to learn anything.”

Rosie Anguiano, 15 freshman, Sonora


“I would naturally get angry because of all the hard work I put into preparing for it, but I wouldn’t take any actions against them because they would only be depriving themselves. A test grade is just a number, and the whole point of a test is not to compete for a score but to acquire knowledge. As long as I know that I learned the material, what someone else deprives themselves of is no concern of mine. But what a pity.”

Gloria Lee, 16 junior, Loara

“I would not tell on them; they’ll lose out later in life. They can’t cheat forever!”

Ashley Taliaferro, 17 senior, Trabuco Hills


“I often see people cheating, but I don’t reveal it to the teacher. Unfortunately, it is so common that I see it as one of the less serious products of the imperfect society we live in.”

Jennifer Cuzens, 16 junior, Foothill

“I would just ignore them or give them the wrong answers.”

Jennifer Beauvais, 16 junior, Mater Dei


“I would not do anything. After all, they are only cheating themselves. I don’t tell on people.”

Jenny Treadway, 14 freshman, Sonora

“Nothing, it happens every day.”

Ted Moore senior, Laguna Hills


“I would hope they get caught.”

Luong Vu, 14 sophomore, Bolsa Grande

“I wouldn’t do anything, because it’s not my business to mess with other people, but I wouldn’t let them cheat off of me.”

Abe Wolcott, 16 junior, Irvine


“I’d get the person’s attention who studied and warn him. I’d also probably tell the teacher in private about the incident.”

Tanji Dinger, 16 sophomore, Los Amigos

“I wouldn’t do anything. It’s their own problem, unless they were cheating off me.”

Heather Johnson, 15 junior, El Modena


“I would probably let the teacher know by telling them or slipping them a small piece of paper saying that this person was cheating. This person is only hurting themselves. A test is to test your knowledge of what you have learned. If you cheat, you won’t learn a thing or get very far in life.”

Ryan Clock, 17 senior, Cypress

“I’d tell him to give me the answers too.”

Ray Mong, 16 senior, Esperanza


“I would probably not say anything. I realize that it is wrong, but it goes on so much that after a while you start to think that it is normal, although I know it is not.”

Devyn McArthur, 15 sophomore, Villa Park

“I would tell the guy, ‘It’s not cool for you to cheat on a test since we’ve all studied, and Satan’s a liar and a cheater and so are his kids. Would Jesus do that?’ ”

Mark Troncale, 18 senior, Calvary Chapel


“Probably nothing. It all evens out eventually.”

Tiffany Weatherly, 17 senior, Fountain Valley

“I would let them know that I saw them cheating so that they know they are not getting away with it. Hopefully this would make them think twice about doing it the next time.”

Nichael Bolen, 17 senior, Huntington Beach


“I would either ignore it or tell all my friends about it.”

Stephanie Foss, 16 junior, Whittier Christian

“If I ever saw anyone cheat, I wouldn’t do anything. I believe that people who cheat on tests are only cheating on themselves. Usually teachers know the students who really know the subjects.”

Olivia Sandoval, 16 junior, Santiago


“I think I would tell on them. Why should I have to study for hours while they get the same grade by cheating?”

Suzanne Pitzer, 17 senior, Trabuco Hills

“I would probably (after class) tell the teacher. If I had to study for the test, so does everyone else. Why should a person who didn’t study get the answers from a person who did study? But I would remain anonymous.”

Tricia Insheiwat, 16 junior, Los Amigos


“Unless they are grading on the curve, I wouldn’t do anything.”

Annie Beckett, 14 freshman, Fountain Valley

“I would ignore it--it’s their grade, not mine.”

Phuong Ngoc Duong, 14 freshman, Bolsa Grande



What is the best thing you have ever done to help a friend?