Airport’s Noise Is a Nuisance for Thousands

* In a society where it is considered OK to appropriate someone’s house to build a freeway through areas where people live, it is no wonder that kids understand that you simply do not give a thought for the rights of others, you just steamroller them in search of the almighty dollar.

This is what happened when a Burbank court ignored the law on airport noise and granted a variance so that Burbank Airport can continue dumping noise and air pollution on thousands of people.

Where does Judge Richard J. Lopez live? If the judge were awakened by a multi-engine commercial aircraft under take-off power at 7 a.m. on Sunday, I wonder whose rights would be more important then.

Judge Richard J. Lopez “rejected an argument” from Los Angeles officials that the public nuisance created by the airport outweighs the public good. Tens of thousands of people are aggravated and annoyed every day, and thousands are aided by flying out of Burbank. Common sense dictates that allowing one element of society to dump noise and air pollution on the rest is not healthy for the society.



North Hollywood